IRS Tax Return Reject Code IND-664-02


When you receive the IND-664-02 reject code from the IRS it means that the tax authorities have found inconsistency in your documents and it must be corrected before it can be processed. 


As this error only mentions that your tax returns need attention, and or correction. The first step is to understand the reason for the reject code IND 664 02 to occur. This can be achieved by carefully scrutinizing the notice received by the IRS. This notice should provide you with all the specific details about the issue that needs to be corrected, including any additional documents that may be required. 

if you are filing taxes you might encounter a similar error requiring you to correct your tax return information. These reject codes are:

  • IL1040-8000-2 Taxpayer basic information such as name and address does not tally.
  • IL1040-9900-2 You need to rectify tax information as issued by the state of Illinois. 

What are the Causes for the Reject Code IND-664-02 to Occur?

Since the reject code IND-664-02 deals with information being incorrect on your tax return. There can be several reasons for its occurrence. The most common cause can be the following:

  • There can be errors in the basic information that you provide when filing taxes. This can include name, SSN, and address. 
  • Your income claim may not match with the authorities, or you are reporting an incorrect amount. 
  • You are trying to claim refunds which you are not entitled to. 
  • Improper deduction and calculation. 
  • The information that you are providing the tax authorities has already been used in prior returns or has been claimed during the current tax year. 
  • Inconsistencies or errors in electronic filing, such as failing to sign or date the return or using an incorrect PIN 

What Methods to Use to Solve IND-664-02 When Filing Electronically?

IND-664-02 can arise even when filing all relevant tax documents and information electronically. Fortunately, the e-filing application allows taxpayers to rectify the error. To solve the mentioned error, taxpayers can use the following guidelines.

  • Log in to your program or application account and navigate to your rejected tax return.
  • Look for the reject code IND-664-02, which will indicate that there is an issue with your taxpayer documents. Instruction will also be displayed. 
  • Validate your information carefully to ensure that it is accurate and up-to-date. Check for any errors, inconsistencies, or missing information that may be causing the issue.
  • Correct any errors if found. 
  • Once you have made the necessary changes to your information. 
  • Resubmit your tax return for processing.

Note: if all information is correct and you still encounter the error. You need to file a paper return by regular post. Contact the tax authorities for further assistance. 

Reject Code IND-664-02 can occur when any information on the tax documents does not match the database information already entered with the tax authorities. These can be for several reasons, but most of them are usually very common. You can use the information given here to resolve the rejection code if you encounter it. 

Frequently Asked Questions

What is rejection code IND-664-02?

IND-664-02 is an IRS rejection code that indicates errors in your tax documents.

What kind of tax documents can be rejected with this code?

IND-664-02 can apply to electronic tax returns, including individual and business filings.

What are some common errors that can trigger this rejection code?

Common errors include incorrect names or addresses.

What should I do if I receive this rejection code?

Identify the errors, and make corrections before resubmitting them.

How can I find out what caused the rejection code?

The rejection notice from the IRS should include details about the specific errors that caused IND-664-02.

Can I fix the errors myself?

Yes, you can correct the errors yourself.

How long do I have to correct the errors and resubmit my tax documents?

A deadline is usually provided by the tax authorities. 

Can I still receive a refund if I receive IND-664-02?

You need to resolve the errors before claiming any refund. 

How can I prevent receiving IND-664-02 from arising again?

Make sure all information recorded with the IRS is correct. 

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