Import Stripe into QuickBooks Online and Self-Employed with Simple Methods

Import Stripe into QuickBooks

You should import Stripe into QuickBooks so that the transactions which have taken place get recorded. For initiating this process, you can prepare a .csv file and then import your transactions. Through the Stripe app in QBO, your data can be moved. By following similar methods, you can import the Stripe transactions to your QuickBooks Self-Employed account too. 

Import Stripe into QuickBooks

With this reading, you can understand more about importing the data of the mentioned online payment process into the accounting software. We have also shown the methods to import your data. These methods can be suitable for QuickBooks Online and Self-Employed users.

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What does it Mean to Import Stripe into QuickBooks?

QuickBooks and Stripe are integrated for processing payments and accounting operations. Next to integrating them, users would want to move their data. By importing Stripe transactions, as well as data, into QuickBooks, the information can be moved. By importing your data, you are also able to record it in QB.

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Methods for Importing Stripe into QuickBooks Online

To import your stripe transactions in QuickBooks Online, you can prepare a .csv file. You need to create it by including your transactions. Then you can import this file into QBO. Another method that lets you import Stripe into QuickBooks Online is by downloading an app. This is the Stripe application that has to be accessed via the accounting software.

Method 1: Importing Data by Creating a .csv File 

You must synchronize your Stripe account with your QuickBooks Online account before carrying out the transaction-importing procedure. Once this is over, you have to select banking and then choose Stripe-Offline. After searching for the recent transaction date, you need to make a .csv export file. You have to follow the complete process to get your transactions imported to your QBO account using this file.

With the help of a .csv file, the steps to import Stripe transactions into QuickBooks Online are:

  • In “QBO”, view the “Home” page.
  • Go to “Banking”. 
  • Search “Stripe-Offline”.
  • Look for the recent transaction date.

Now, to create an export file of the Stripe transaction, continue with the steps given.

  • Then, click on the “Payments” button.
  • Select “All Transactions”.
  • Press “Import”.
  • Customize the data range of the transaction that you want to import from “Stripe” into the “QuickBooks Online” software.
  • Click on the option of “Export”.
  • Tap on the “Save the File” option.
  • Open this file in “Excel”. You will be required to use the “.csv” extension for this.
  • Select the column labeled as “Created (UTC)”.
  • Set the format as “Short Date”.
  • Then click on the “Save” tab.

To import your transactions from Stripe into QuickBooks Online, carry on with the following steps.

  • Opt for “Banking” in “QBO”.
  • View the drop-down button by clicking on “File Upload”.
  • Choose the “.csv” file.
  • Then use “Stripe-Offline”.
  • Check the data. 
  • Match the following with respect to the transactions you want to import:
    • Date
    • Time
    • Amount
  • On ensuring that the information is correct, click on the “Import” feature.

The Stripe transactions will get imported into the QuickBooks Online account.

Method 2: Import Transactions via Stripe Application

You can directly import your Stripe transactions into QBO. You can Tap on the Apps option in the accounting software and search for Stripe. When the app is seen, get it. Then run the app to use its import feature. To utilize the feature, the app will provide you with the necessary instructions. Eventually, you will be able to import Stripe transactions into QuickBooks Online.

  • Opt for “Apps” in “QuickBooks Online”.
  • Tap on the “Search” space. 
  • Enter “Stripe” in the given space.
  • Choose the “Stripe” app after going through the results.
  • Select the “Get Started” tab.

The app may take a few minutes before being accessible. Then you can explore the Stripe application and its import feature. Use its prompts to run the feature. Hopefully, your transactions will be imported from Stripe to QuickBooks Online.

How to Import Stripe into QuickBooks Self-Employed?

The process for importing Stripe into QuickBooks Self-Employed requires the integration of both accounts. Then to import the transactions, you need to click on the software’s Gear icon. After clicking on Imports, choose Import Older Transactions under the Action column. Further, tap on Browse and perform the prompts. 

More steps to import Stripe into QuickBooks Self-Employed are as follows:

  • Select the “Gear” tab.
  • Use the “Imports” option.
  • View the “Action” column for the “Cash” type. 
  • From here, selecting “Import Older Transactions” is required.
  • Press “Browse”.
  • Follow the directions given on your screen to import Stripe’s data.
  • Push “Import”.
  • You can then categorize these imported transactions in “QuickBooks Self-Employed”.

At the End

Importing Stripe transactions into QB can help the users to automatically record them. There can be other reasons too for importing them. With the different methods and detailed steps added here, importing Stripe transactions can be done with ease.

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