IRS Tax Return Reject Code IND-025-02

Conectier- IND-025-02

The reject code IND-025-02 is an IRS denial code designed to help taxpayers and tax preparers identify errors and correct them accordingly. This particular reject code means that the tax document was denied for processing as it has some issue concerning the self-selected PIN or IP-PIN. 

Conectier- IND-025-02

Why is IP PIN Important in Reject Code IND-025-02?

IND-025-02 error relates to self-selected PINs and IP PINs issues which are important security measures that taxpayers can use to protect their tax returns from identity theft and fraud.

 A self-selected PIN is a personal identification number that a taxpayer can use instead of their Social Security number when filing their tax documents electronically. This can prevent fraudulent tax returns from being filed using a taxpayer’s stolen Social Security number. 

The IP PIN is required to be included on the tax return to verify the taxpayer’s identity. If there is any error then the IRS will show codes such as IND-025-02.

Are there other Similar Errors as IND-025-02?

Several common error codes are similar to the reject code IND-025-02. Based on the circumstances, the IRS will show those errors along with guidelines on how to fix them. Some errors that are related to IP PIN are:

  • IND-181-01 ―This is when the taxpayer did not enter the correct IP PIN
  • IND-996 ― This rejected code mentions that the IP PIN is invalid.
  • IND-180-01 ― The IP PIN does not match the IRS database. 
  • IND-183-01 ― The IP PIN of the spouse does not tally. 
  • IND-995 ― Invalid IP PIN. 
  • IND-182-01 ― Spouse’s IP PIN does not correspond.

What is the Solution to IND-025-02 Reject Code?

When you encounter the IND-025-02 Reject Code, you can easily solve it in your electronic filing application. For example, if you are using an application such as TurboTax, you can follow the simple steps listed below. 

  • Open the application 
  • Then, you can go to your returns, and select Fix my Returns. 
  • You will come across the refile section. 
  • Choose to fix it now. 
  • You will be prompted to enter your IP PIN
  • Enter it, and select Continue 
  • Ensure to check the IP PIN or self-selected PIN that you have entered matches the one assigned to you. 
  • You will be asked if this is the one issued to you, and select yes. 
  • Choose to continue to resubmit your tax documents again.

It is recommended that before submitting your tax documents, you must check other information for errors as well. This may include name, date of birth, etc. This information is used by the IRS to identify you as a legitimate taxpayer. One more thing to note is that since your IP PIN is given by the IRS, TurboTax does not have access to your IP PIN for security reasons. 

The reject code IND-025-02 is given when the IP PIN or self-selected PIN is incorrect or does not match the records. You must resolve this issue as it can lead to your identity being compromised. You can follow the above solution to fix it electronically. If you still cannot, you can request a new IP PIN from the IRS through their website or by mail. 

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Federal Return Rejection Reject Code IND-025-02?

The IND-025-02 reject code is an error message from the IRS indicating that a correction is required relating to your self-select PIN or IP PIN.

What does the IND-025-02 reject code mean?

It can mean that the self-select PIN or IP PIN you entered on your tax return doesn’t tally with what the IRS has recorded.

Why did I receive the IND-025-02 reject code?

You received the reject code because there’s an error in the self-select PIN or IP PIN you provided, or because the PIN has already been used on a previously filed tax return.

Can I still file my tax return with the IND-025-02 reject code?

You will need to rectify the error before filing your return again.

How can I correct the self-select PIN or IP PIN?

Enter the correct self-select PIN or IP PIN to ensure it matches what the IRS has on record. If you can’t remember your PIN, you can request a new one from the IRS.

Can I call the IRS to get help with correcting the IND-025-02 reject code?

Yes, you can call the IRS for help with the IND-025-02 reject code. 

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