Reject Code R0000-544-02 – Easy Tips for Troubleshooting

conectier-R0000 544 02

R0000-544-02 will appear when you are trying to file your tax documents electronically. This error message will state that the social security number provided on your return is incorrect or has already been claimed or used earlier and the IRS acknowledged the return for that specific year. 

conectier-R0000 544 02

Identifying the Most Encountered Reject Code as R0000-544-02

Being able to identify similar reject codes such as the IRS 544 will help you greatly when doing your taxes. We have provided a list of codes that are similar to this particular error code dealing with SSN issues.

R0000-902-01The primary SSN or TIN number of the taxpayer or dependent does not match or has already been used
IND-515SSN is already on another tax return
IND-517-01A dependent SSN was already used
R0000-504-02The dependent SSN does not match
IND-544The dependent SSN was already used on an accepted return.

The reject codes in the above table will help you understand or identify any issues that you may encounter with respect to SSNs or dependents. 

How to Overcome Common Reject Codes as R0000-544-02?

If faced with business rule R0000-544-02, the only thing you can do to overcome such errors is to either remove the dependent listed, allow you to file electronically, or mail your tax documents while leaving everything as it was. On the other hand, if the SSN is incorrect, verify the same and then e-file your papers. 

In case the dependent SSN is already listed and you receive the R0000-544-02, then, there is a possibility that the IRS will communicate to solve the issue. If they find any discrepancies, penalties will be levied on the person listing the dependent wrongly unless an amended return is filed. 

How do I Remove a Dependent from My E-file Application?

You can easily remove a dependent from your e-tax applications if you believe that they are no longer needed on your tax returns. Doing so will help you avoid errors such as the reject code R0000 544 02 in the future. 

  • Use your credential to log in to the Application or TurboTax account. 
  • Choose to Fix My Return 
  • On the left menu from the next screen. 
  • Select My info. 
  • Choose delete, next to the dependent in question. 
  • Again, click yes to confirm the removal. 
  • If you have more than one dependent, you need to repeat similar steps for all. 
  • When finished, select continue. 
  • Carry on until you come to the page personal info summary, 
  • Choose to continue. 
  • To resubmit or refile, pick the file tab from the menu on the left.
  • Submit your tax documents. 

Encountering R0000-544-02 reject codes when filing your tax documents can be unsatisfying, but it’s important to rectify it. If the SSN is typed wrongly correct it, or if you feel the dependent is no longer required on your tax returns, follow the steps to remove them. With the right approach, you can overcome reject codes and complete your tax filing with confidence.

Frequently Asked Questions?

Why was my tax return rejected with an error code R0000-544-02?

It means that the SSN for the dependent was entered wrongly or the dependent has already been claimed for the previous year on someone else’s return.

Can I fix the error and resubmit my return?

Yes, you can fix the error and resubmit your return as long as you meet the deadline for filing taxes.

How do I know which error code my return was rejected for?

The error code will be listed on the rejection notice you received from the IRS or when e-filing.

What if I don’t understand the error code on my rejection notice?

You can search online for the specific error code.

Will I face penalties for a rejected return?

No, you will not face consequences for a rejected return but you must rectify it and resubmit within the timeframe.

Can I claim the same dependent on my return if their SSN was already used on another return?

No, you cannot claim the same dependent on your return if their SSN was already used on another return

What if I made a blunder on my corrected return?

If you made a blunder on your corrected return, you can modify it to fix the error.

How do I prevent errors on my tax return?

To prevent errors on your tax papers, check all information and use the correct tax forms for your situation.

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