IRS Tax Return Reject Code IND-544

conectier- IND-544

IND-544 happens when you try to file your tax documents electronically and an error pops up saying that the SSN of the dependent you are trying to claim on your returns have already claimed you as their dependent on another tax document. It means that the dependent can’t claim their own dependents. 

conectier- IND-544

What are the Other Reject Codes Similar to IND-544 with Respect to SSN?

There are other errors relating to SSN other than IND-544 that you may encounter. They are mentioned below. 

R0000-902-01The chief SSN or TIN of the taxpayer or dependent is mismatched or used.
IND-515SSN is already listed on other tax documents
IND-517-01A dependent SSN was already entered or typed
R0000-504-02The dependent SSN is not similar according to records
R0000-544-02SSN was already used on an acceptable return.

What Must be Done to Get Rid of Reject Code Reject Code IND-544?

To get rid of reject code IND-544, you can remove the dependent if you have any on your returns. This will allow you to file electronically. However, if you choose not to, then you must file a manually posted return. 

To make things accurate the IRS will try to contact you and the other person to make all necessary corrections if all information is left uncorrected. The person that tried to claim the dependent unlawfully will have to cough up penalties. To avoid IND-544 the individual will have to file a rectified tax return. 

What are the Steps to Remove a Dependent in TurboTax if IND-544 occurred?

If you wish to remove a dependent from your returns to avoid the reject code IND-544. You can use the TurboTax application to do so. Here are the steps you need to adhere to. 

  • Access TurboTax 
  • You will see fix my return, select it
  • On the subsequent screen. 
  • On the left menu select the my info tab
  • Slide down to the first dependent 
  • Choose Delete
  • Say Yes to remove. 
  • Keep doing the steps for all dependents.
  • Pick Continue after all dependents have been removed. 
  • Carry on until you’ve returned to the Personal info summary screen 
  • Select Continue
  • Select File from the left menu 
  • Carry on through and refile your return

IND-544 will appear if you are claiming an SSN as a dependent but someone has already claimed you as their dependent. In this case, you can stick to the above methods to resolve it. You can verify if this is not related to the identity theft issue. If so, then contact the authorities at the earliest time possible. 

Frequently Asked Questions

What is IND-544?

IND-544 is an IRS denial code that shows that the SSN for a dependent on your tax return has been used on another past accepted tax return for the same tax year.

Why did I receive IND-544?

You received IND-544 because someone else has claimed the same dependent using the same SSN on their tax return.

Can I still claim the dependent if I received IND-544?

Yes, if you are the rightful claimant of the dependent.

What kind of proof do I need to provide to the IRS?

You may need to provide a birth credential, legal order, or other validated documents to prove that you are the rightful claimant of the dependent.

What happens if I cannot prove my claim to the dependent?

If you cannot prove your claim, you will need to remove the dependent from your tax return.

Can I file my tax return again after receiving IND-544?

Yes, you can file your tax return again after modifying the issue

How can I prevent IND-544 from happening?

You can prevent IND-544 from happening by ensuring that you are the rightful claimant of any dependents you list on your tax return and that you enter accurate information.

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